Trolley, Container, Bed & Cage Hospital & Laboratory Application

The Washing Disinfector Tunnels CISA for Trolley, Container, and Bed according the regulations of the CSSD is installed in the dirty area as washing apart department of large items.

Cage washers CISA are only present and used for Laboratory application.

The equipment has been designed and built for washing, rinsing, thermal disinfection and drying of hospital carrier trolleys, containers, beds and laboratory version for washing animal cages.


It has a wide range of applications for its washer/disinfectors using thermochemical disinfection with an aim of reducing infection risks. It is used for many reasons, such as, to:


  • Provide safety for patients and staff by controlling and preventing contact with contaminated devices
  • Reprocess medical devices that require high level disinfection
  • Reduce the number of micro-organisms present on devices
  • Remove blood, saliva, and tissue
  • Reduce the microbiological load
  • Remove dirtiness
  • Improve the safety of the staff working in the centres


Stainless steel

For the construction of the machine is used the highest quality of stainless steel. The internal chamber and jacket are manufactured in AISI 316L. The frame and front panels of the machines are manufactured using stainless steel 304L. The hydraulic plant and pipes are manufactured using stainless steel 316L.

The pressure vessel as well all steam pipes are insulated using insulation material with high efficiency that reduces heat loss and stabilizes the temperature inside the pressure vessel to improve the quality of the washing cycles.


Highest quality

The equipment consists of a washing chamber made of AISI 316L stainless steel. A series of lamps installed on the equipment roof of the machine illuminate the internal port of the washing chamber.

The inclined surface of the chamber bottom ensures perfect drainage and is equipped with a collection tank with a grid. The load platform is parted into removable modules to facilitate the internal inspection. The internal surfaces of the chamber are mirror polished.


Easy access

Even though the overall dimensions of the machines are huge and large inside, thanks to the perfect designed position of the components, the machine is easily serviced. Furthermore, it requires minimum space for installation as well as all components can be serviced from the front.




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