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Washer disinfector and steriliser for healthcare facilities veterinarian clinics and dental practices

Infection control in all healthcare settings, not just hospitals

Infection control in hospital and healthcare environments is essential and ensures the health and safety of operators and patients. Even in smaller environments, such as dental practices or outpatient and veterinary clinics, appropriate procedures and proven technologies are required.
Detailed and meticulous procedures indicate how to act, what to do and when, and every step must be followed to the letter, without neglecting anything. In any given work day there may be several disruptions that jeopardise an essential task: unforeseen events and emergencies, human factors (such as stress and fatigue) and lack of time can lead to something being overlooked.
Healthcare professionals are well aware of their responsibility; they know that the main objective is the highest protection of operators – in the washing, disinfection and sterilisation phases – and safeguard in the treatment of each patient. This is essential for the survival of their business. For this reason, any improvisation, randomness, setbacks and critical issues are to be avoided. 


What is needed is process efficiency, easy of use and speed of action.

Infection prevention in healthcare

Infection prevention depends on:


1 trained and efficient operators;

2 a perfectly organised, arranged and clean space;

3 easy-to-use, flexible and effective machines for washing and sterilising all the instruments used daily in the surgery.


The Cisa Compact washing, disinfection and sterilisation devices are the ideal solution for small healthcare facilities, veterinary clinics and dental practices.

 They are small, compact and fit into any space, and blend with different kinds of existing furniture.

 They are flexible, easy to use and effective: a very beneficial proposal with an optimal price-quality ratio.

Strong points of the Cisa Compact proposal


Complete, reliable, effective

The Compact range consists of an under-counter washer-disinfector model Washer Disinfector P-84 and a table top steam sterilizer model Table-top Superior B 23. Both are certified medical devices complying with 93/42/EC and Cisa’s quality standards ensure constructive compliance with current technical standards. With the combined unit, the entire infection control procedure can be carried out: from the washing and disinfection treatment to the subsequent sterilisation phase. Operators are protected from the hazards of handling contaminated instruments and interventions on patients are completely safe because they are carried out with perfectly sterile instruments.


Contained dimensions

The Washer Disinfector P-84  is 600 mm wide, 828 mm high and 634 mm deep. 

The Table-top Superior B 23 (best price in the range with maximum capacity) is 690 mm wide, 400 mm high and 505 mm deep. 
With such reduced dimensions, it can be easily positioned even in the tightest and most confined spacesThese small sizes do not affect the machines’ capacity or functionality: both models are designed to be spacious and compact, and this feature also simplifies maintenance.


Easy to handle

The Washer Disinfector P-84 and the Table-top Superior B 23, the best seller in the range with maximum capacity, have a reasonable weight and it is quite easy and effortless to move them both and place them where it is considered most appropriate.


Integration and organisation of available space

Thanks to their small size and low weight, both machines can be positioned in a variety of ways, in any space and with different kinds of furniture. The Table Top can be positioned on any worktop and the P-84 can be recessed into existing furniture; the combined unit can be assembled as a column with a special stand. It is easy to configure a working area of necessary and sufficient size. Any medical practice can therefore be provided with a well-organised area with easy access for operators.


Easy of use and fast operation

Operating the Compact is extremely simple. Both machines are equipped with a user-friendly and intuitive display and operator panel. The controls are easy to understand: select the desired cycle, load the instruments and activate the machine in just a few minutes by following few simple steps. Thanks to the use of colours and icons, it is also possible to monitor the progress of the cycle at a glance, ready to intervene promptly should a recognisable alarm sound or symbol appear.



The Compact machines are extremely cost-effective. They are positioned at a price level below the current market values. It is the ideal choice for small and medium-sized healthcare facilities.

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