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Cisa Group

Cisa Group


Cisa Group is a global supplier of infection control systems with production plants in Italy and Brazil.

Working for hospitals and laboratories Cisa has about 100 years of experience in disinfection and sterilization. Over the years it has developed unique proprietary IT, innovative energy saving solutions and safe, economical and carbon friendly technologies for the treatment of infectious hospital waste.

Creating safer environments in hospitals, healthcare facilities and laboratory applications is a fundamental priority for the well-being of humans worldwide.

This is the commitment that drives Cisa to its claim: We Care About Life.


Cisa Brasile

Cisa Production

Founded in 1947, today Cisa Group, together with Cisa America and Cisa Brasile, forms an international group that is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of washing, disinfection and sterilization technologies for infection control.

Cisa Group, with the aim of enhancing best practice sharing and cooperation across companies, proposes a global offer with high added value focused on the EMEA and LATAM market.


Cisa Group is part of Faper Group,  an important Italian company dealing with world-class engineering solutions.

What Cisa Group does

Design, manufacture and supply of complete CSSDs in hospitals worldwide. Sterilization and disinfection for healthcare and clinical applications of all types and sizes.

Solutions for laboratories, research centres and the pharmaceutical industry: flexible sterilization technologies in terms of design, size and functionality, meeting different needs and requirements.


Cisa Group operates in the washing and sterilization market for the healthcare industry, hospitals, clinics, doctors’ surgeries, dental and veterinary practices, and for the life sciences industry, scientific laboratories, research centres and pharmaceutical industries, all of which operate in the development and manufacturing of products that improve everyone’s health.

We care about life


Life Science

Washing Systems
Sterilization Systems
Waste Management
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WSD®. Complete departments

for the treatment of sanitary waste

WSM. Sterili-Station plug and play in container

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Cisa Group technologies

Cisa Group is committed every day to ensure infection control is enforced with appropriate solutions and technologies and constant innovation, in order to safeguard the safety of operators and researchers, protect the health of patients, preserve the environment and respect life.

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Cisa Group technologies comply with at least 6 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

A complete range

Cisa Service

Service is the Cisa Group division dedicated to assisting in the sterilization process. A team of its own specialist technicians and a worldwide network of distributors and certified service centres support customers in Italy and around the world with an attentive after-sales service.

Cisa Campus

Cisa Campus is a special microcosm revolving around the topic of sterilization and infection control.

Campus is a network of information and opinions, points of view and in-depth analysis; it is a place for sharing specialised training, geared toward its own technicians and distributors but also medical staff in the healthcare industry who work with Cisa Group technologies on a daily basis.

TICS Programme

TICS4.0 Technologies for Infection Control Systems programme, addressed to Cisa Group employees.

Cisa Group in partnership with PER-CORSO AGENZIA FORMATIVA SRL- IMPRESA SOCIALE, the project leader, participated in the “Region of Tuscany public notice for the granting of funding for training projects aimed at workers“, in line with the principles of Industry 4.0.



Cisa Research

A team of engineers and a yearly investment index of 8% in R&D distinguish Cisa Group’s initiative and willingness to innovate and renew. 

A constant research to optimize and implement new knowledge and skills in infection control. Cisa Group has won many European awards and calls for tender thanks to the design and development of innovative processes for the future of the smart hospital.


 A research and development project for the creation of the first fully integrated and automated Central Sterilizing Services Department (CSSD): a new paradigm for hospital infection control.


  • Project implementation period: 2017-2020
  • Total project budget: € 3,017,155.48
  • Cisa Production S.r.l. budget: € 1,086,839.60
  • Financial support received by Cisa Production S.r.l.: €. 326,051.88



waste 4.0

The R&D team is constantly looking for new efficiencies in a rapidly advancing industry.

It studies and designs more effective solutions to optimise many traditional procedures.


Waste Treatment 4.0 is an R&D project aimed at creating an innovative automated system for the treatment and ennobling of medical waste in an End-of-Waste perspective.


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