Cisa Group is a world player in hospital sterilization processes for healthcare infection control.


Design, manufacture and supply of Central Sterilizing Services Departments (CSSDs o SPDs) in hospitals all over the world.

Advanced thermal disinfection and sterilization solutions and technologies for reusable medical devices (RMDs) and surgical instruments for healthcare and clinical applications of all sizes.

Washing and disinfection systems

Steam sterilized autoclaves

Compact Serie for veterinary and dental practices

Hospital disinfection and sterilization process

Sterilisation plays a leading role in the process of hospital infection prevention and control.

Sterilisation of surgical instruments is one of the main steps in the process of preventing or stopping the spread of infections in healthcare settings (care-associated infections – CAI).

Despite considerable progress in the prevention and control of CAIs, they still represent an important risk factor, especially for patients undergoing invasive diagnostic and/or therapeutic procedures, but also for healthcare workers or care staff.

The maintenance, sterilisation and storage of medical and surgical equipment are still good practices for fighting pathogens in hospitals.

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transmission of a pathogenic microorganism from one patient to another


transmission of the same pathogenic microorganism from a healthcare worker to a patient


transmission of infection from a patient to a member of the care staff

What is hospital sterilisation and how, when and why is it practised

Hospital sterilisation is a procedure that results in the (almost) total destruction of any microbial form, i.e. the killing of all pathogenic microorganisms from the treated surface.
The maintenance, sterilisation and storage of medical and surgical equipment still constitute the best practice for fighting pathogens in hospitals.


Most of the reusable material (reusable medical devices RMD) is mainly sterilised inside the hospital’s central sterilisation department (CSSD): a dedicated environment that meets specific requirements in terms of structural, engineering technological, environmental and organisational characteristics established precisely to limit the propagation of health risks.

Steps in the sterilisation process

Sterilisation is a process consisting of individual phases (from decontamination to use): each step is relevant, not performing it or performing it incorrectly compromises the entire process and exposes the patient, the operator and the facility to potential hazards.

It is important to use adequate and effective technologies, in line with the reference standards.








Cisa’s technologies in the hospital infection prevention and control process.

Washing disinfection systems

A wide range of washing and disinfection systems for surgical instruments and reusable medical devices (RMDs) for CSSDs , small hospital wards and medical clinics.

Washing and disinfection systems for washing, rinsing, thermal disinfection and drying of hospital trolleys, containers and beds. The Cart Washer in the laboratory version is the ideal solution for washing animal cages.

Undercounter washing and disinfection systems for smaller environments or outpatient, dental and veterinary applications. 

Sterilisation systems

A wide range of washing and disinfection systems for surgical instruments and reusable medical devices (RMDs) for CSSDs, small hospital wards and medical clinics.

Cisa Group high-temperature sterilisers for healthcare and scientific applications

– Hospital Sterilisers  

– Tabletop sterilisers  

– BLS sterilisers for Life Science applications 


The Cisa Group steam autoclaves used for the sterilisation of medical devices in the hospital and healthcare sector comply with the requirements in reference standard UNI EN 285:2016.



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