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After more than 70 years of activity in the field, Cisa Group has also become software specialists in health and science.

Traceability of the sterilization process for the reconditioning of surgical kits in CSSDs.

Traceability of the sterilization process in the treatment of infectious waste in Cisa’s WSD Waste sterilization departments.


TraceCare® Cisa Group’s solution for clinical risk reduction

The medical devides traceability and management of processes within the hospital sterilization center (CSSD) is essential.
Within the  CSSD  (Central  Sterile  Services Department) medical devices and surgical instruments supplies and equipment used for patient care are treated.

TraceCare® is the traceability system developed by Cisa Group which allows, in its full version, to manage and monitor the kit’s process through the different areas (dirty area, clean area, sterile area) that comprise the CSSD, facilitating the correct control of Risk Management.

In every CCSD the steam sterilizers are designed to perform according to pre-set, monitored and recorded parameters checking the successful sterilization of surgical instruments and reusable medical devices.



Also in the WSD (WASTE STERILIZATION DEPARTMENT), each sterilization cycle is validated by the final print out and recorded in the new and innovative Tracewaste® traceability software.







TraceCare® is the traceability system developed by Cisa, which in its full version allows to manage and monitor the kit process through the different areas (dirty area, clean area, sterile area) that make up the CSSD.

TraceCare® il the traceability software enables the correct identification of assets, kits and operators throughout the entire reconditioning process of surgical instruments in a convenient and flexible way. The system supports operators in the correct management of clinical risk.


TraceCare®  is the modular system/software developed  by  Cisa  Group  that  enables full  traceability  within  the  CSSD  and  the operating theatre (OT).

The Traceability in central sterile services department (CSSD)

In any CSSD, traceability, whether manual or assisted, is a mandatory process for hospital staff.


The traceability system developed by Cisa Group allows  the  kit  to  be  monitored  during  all phases in the different CSSD areas.


TraceCare® extends traceability to the OT by allowing the flow of a kit to be tracked in the storehouses and OT rooms themselves.

TraceCare® packages

TraceCare® system offers a number of packages depending on the customer’s needs


The Monitoring version allows the monitoring and saving of the cycles of the machines present within the CSSD. Data concerning the main cycle parameters are saved in the DataBase and can be displayed as graphs or shown in summary reports. The communication between TraceCare® and the PLC of the machines is unidirectional, so the system is able to read information from the machines but cannot send commands, thus protecting from possible alterations to the medical devices.


The Reporting version has all the functionality of the Monitoring package. In addition, it allows to track sterilization activities by creating labels to be affixed to the kits and recording the loading operations in the autoclaves. This version also provides the possibility of viewing and printing addition-al reports related to the loading activities of the autoclaves.


The Full version has all the functionality of the previous packages. In addition, it allows tracking of all CSSD activities. In this version, mobile devices are also used, allowing streamlined tracking during the progress of the kits in the CSSD process flow, and optionally in the OT.
The report section is extended by additional detailed reports describing the activities of the CSSD. The Full version can optionally include a number of features:

• Extension of traceability, via mobile devices, also in the storehouses and OT rooms

• Interfacing with Cisa partners’ intervention planning system, according to the HL7 standard protocol

• Optimised scheduling of CSSD activities using MES-type systems

• Scalability of the solution according to the number of facilities involved, a single instance of TraceCare® for the management of several facilities with independent master data registries (multi-site functionality)

• Scalability also for the management of several CSSDs within the same facility that want to share the master data registry (multi-unit functionality)


The importance of a traceability software in waste treatment centrals

Cisa Group, leader in the CSSD design has invented a new department, the Waste Sterile Department ® (WSD®), based and adapted from the principle of the Hospital Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) and the traceability concept, from which the new technology is directly derived.
The Cisa Waste solution with TraceWaste traceability also protects the responsibility of the entity ensuring maximum control over management and transport, simplifying disposal practices.

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