Medical waste represents an increasingly unsustainable economic and environmental cost. Cisa Group has the solution: an innovative approach to clinical waste management that is safe, economical and sustainable.


Waste is a global emergency.

It produces pollution that spreads into the air, alters water and makes the earth increasingly dirty and unlivable. Waste costs money: it takes up space and uses up human and economic resources to process it and to repair the environmental and health damage it produces.

Medical waste is particularly damaging: in addition to high management costs for institutions and facilities, it is a major source of CO2, and is treated and disposed of in an obsolete and inefficient way.

Italian data before the pandemic showed an average annual production of around 144,000 tonnes (re. 2019). In 2020, the increase in hospitalisations and the widespread use of PPE led to an increase in consumption and a doubling of that figure (in Italy, 300 thousand tonnes were reached).  Pollutant emissions due to an impressive number of trips to incinerators, landfills or recovery centres result in an unbearable logistical and financial burden.




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