What infection prevention and control (IPC) means for Cisa Group

What are healthcare-associated infections?

Healthcare-associated infections or HAIs are infections that develop within the healthcare facility as a result of hospitalisation or that originate from microorganisms and viruses acquired during hospitalisation.

There are direct transmission systems or indirect transmission systems for infections.

Direct infection transmission systems

Usually, one of the main transmission routes of hospital infections is inter-human transmission, through contact with skin or mucous membranes during interpersonal contacts between patients or between patients and hospital staff, medical students or visitors.

Indirect infection transmission systems

The chain of infections in healthcare also spreads in other ways: the source in this case may be contaminated water, food or inadequately disinfected facilities, furniture or supplies that are used for individual patients.

What to do to counter HAI transmission systems

Contact between persons may occur by chance without any clear responsibility or may elude specific controls. Other healthcare associated infection transmission systems, such as air, water, food, may be less obvious but equally dangerous and require a high level of attention. Checks and controls on equipment and conducts are necessary to avoid any unwanted contagion.
On the other hand, a disease vector carrying or transmitting an infectious pathogen, as well as blood or other biological material that may remain in healthcare settings and on hospital instruments, are all obvious HAI transmission systems that must be identified and systematically removed.

HAI prevention and control procedures

Each type of transmission implicates different responsibilities (on the part of the staff or of the facility itself) or may highlight negligent behaviour or even a failure to apply effective infection control procedures that each entity implements to counter the spread of infections. One of the best infection control strategies is in fact the correct application of procedures relating to the sterilization process of RMDs for healthcare facilities.

Cisa Group’s commitment to HAI control

Cisa Group has been working for hospitals and laboratories for over 70 years developing disinfection technologies  and sterilization solutions  for the control of healthcare infections in order to safeguard institutions, operators and patients.

Creating safer environments in hospitals, healthcare facilities and laboratory applications is a key priority for the wellbeing of humans worldwide.

Cisa Group’s commitment is reflected in its claim and implemented in concrete actions, aware that its projects, solutions and innovations contribute to saving lives, Cisa Group feels the responsibility of playing a leading role, together with its clients, in the battle against infections.
We Care About Life.

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