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New CSSD Project in Lodi, Italy

Cisa Group was awarded the tender for the assembly and complete supply of the new CSSD for the local healthcare unit (ASST) in Lodi.

Construction on this major project will begin in spring, and the facility’s current general management plans to inaugurate it before the end of 2023.

The new CSSD, which will occupy an area of almost 540 square metres, will serve the Lodi Hospital facility (Ospedale Maggiore di Lodi) and all of its medical units, which include the four hospital units of Lodi, Codogno, Casalpusterlengo and Sant’Angelo Lodigiano, each of which includes a hospital facility and healthcare centres, for a total of about 800 hospital beds.

Cisa Group won the tender thanks to its consolidated experience in the design and construction of turnkey CSSDs, including direct technical assistance, an added value that provides customers with a comprehensive and long-lasting service.

The requirement outlined by the Clinical Engineering Department of the Lodi hospital was to renovate and upgrade the current CSSD by working on internal spaces, technology and ergonomics, in order to raise the standards for CSSD validation and achieve performance levels that could contribute to improving the healthcare services of the entire facility.

The criteria and choices relating to the executive project and the proposed technologies were first and foremost to provide technological components of the highest quality and latest generation, all in full compliance with current regulations. It was also essential to guarantee the maximum operating efficiency, ensure energy savings and provide the highest level of ergonomics and safety for operators.

The new CSSD, highly efficient and in line with the latest structural, technological and organisational requirements, is planned to be located in the basement and will serve the operating block located on the seventh floor by means of two specific freight elevators, an incoming one for dirty material and an outgoing one for clean material.

The large space reserved for the CSSD allows for the best possible organisation of the different areas: office and archive rooms, reconditioning, trolley washing, dirty material storage area, packaging and preparation area for kits coming out of the washer-disinfector, clean area equipped with sterilization autoclaves, storage room for sterile material, changing room, restrooms and specific staff filters areas.

The CSSD will be provided with the following Cisa Group technologies:

·        1 trolley washer model Cisa P-WCO 1500

·        3 15 DIN washer-disinfectors model Cisa P-KF155, double door configuration

·        3 8 SU autoclaves model P-6412H

·        1 plasma gas autoclave

The “turnkey CSSD package” is completed by ultrasonic tanks, various accessories (baskets, internal and external trolleys, various kinds of supports), all the furniture needed to equip the spaces, as well as the supply of the surgical instrument traceability system, Tracecare® monitoring, to follow the flow and trace the sterilisation process of kits and single surgical instruments.

Cisa Group has always provided complete and customised solutions for workflow optimisation in CSSDs. For more information visit the specific page.




Cisa Group, a leader in the field of infection control and sterilization machines for hospitals, develops technologies to fight healthcare-associated infections (HAI) and offers complete turnkey solutions for the installation of hospital Sterile Processing Departments (SPDs or CSSD).



Cisa Group is a world player in hospital sterilization processes for healthcare infection control. A wide range of washing and disinfection systems and of high-temperature steam sterilising systems for surgical instruments and reusable medical devices (RMDs) for CSSDs.



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